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Re: Tuuba Mafia 3: The Return of Mafia [TOWN VICTORY]

until i was dead i honestly couldnt give up the thought of ippe being mafia



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Re: Tuuba Mafia 3: The Return of Mafia [TOWN VICTORY]

Alright, here comes moderator's POV (a bit late).

This was the first mafia game I hosted that didn't have a single protective role to break the meta. This sounds extremely bad for protown but this game could have been way too overpowered towards protown if any protective role was in play. There already ware 2 masons, 2 investigation roles, 1 vig and 1 bookie that actually could have gotten smallish protection powers if lynch guesses were correct. Of course, I also had to give mafia a lot of power to fight this amount of power roles, giving them motion detector to locate all power roles and ninja to avoid tracker as long as possible.

The first day was unusually really active. I'm actually shocked. It's almost like in bizarre world how the second day became the most inactive in this game. Unfortunately a lot of people decided to drop this game, they got busy or some shit. Easily the most drops I have been in my mafia games. In any case, I really thought mafia was going to take the game (D1-N1 was a disaster for protown, D2 was a clusterfuck) but then town started to do some insane comeback.

MVP: GladiOol as he managed to lock the vote into mafia 2 hours before the deadline was hit. Otherwise mafia could have won the game. Also very important mafia kill during N2.

Absolute madmen award: IppE & Hika for actually getting Granger lynched just like that. It was 100% gamechanger. Generally very good protown plays that saved protown's ass.

Inactive reward: Shiringo made a fatal mistake and decided to be very inactive during the first day (without much input either), making him a really easy target for mafia. Not the best way to go when playing as a cop.

Mafia of the game: As much as Granger's plan failed, it was a good try. It bought him some time and it almost worked. FirstTroph could have gotten this reward but he decided to kill himself and he lost the award forever.

Least Valuable Player Reward: enet was dragging the whole protown down by pretty much griefing around and gave up multiple times during the game. This is the same thing as if you play Counter-Strike, lose the pistol round and say "gg nob team" and leave the server. In fact, this is a second time I've seen you do that in my mafia games. If you can't change your attitude, you probably shouldn't play mafia.


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Re: Tuuba Mafia 3: The Return of Mafia [TOWN VICTORY]

>tfw no award for good plays in first game
>tfw don't even get an award for being bad
>tfw just average
what is life

also inactive players are hell and if/when I ever host I don't want to see this bullshit



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