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#1 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-11-14 21:02:23

Pirtelö wrote:

To put it very shortly, just because you're friends with someone doesn't mean you're going to do well as roommates. Once you live with someone you get to know all kind of behaviors

this is v true and important

#3 Re: Off Topic » 卐 Politics 卐 » 2017-05-09 18:38:26

America never ceases to amaze, what the fuck

#4 Re: Off Topic » 卐 Politics 卐 » 2017-05-09 10:05:53

Brian OA wrote:

You are right in that it falls flat where there is no competition, but that is an extremely rare case in a free market. Even in cases where there is a monopoly present, it is difficult to maintain that without government intervention. Monopolies can only push their customers so far, and it ends up being substantially easier for a private company to come into the picture and provide a better service at a better price than push and wait for an anti-trust law to be passed.

what on earth are you talking about?

well-established big companies have a lot of power- they can hire lobbyists and otherwise interfere w/ politics using their resources, they have much lower costs associated with taking risks due to being so well established, have no issue with suppliers etc etc which basically means that they're a lot cheaper to run. government intervention is the only thing that prevents monopolies from appearing in these situations, that's why there's so much regulation to ensure that monopolies exist in as harmless a manner as possible, for the most part

small companies might appear and offer a better service to a specialised target market, but good luck doing that at a better price when large companies already have pretty much every benefit that they could possibly have. how's your book store going to compete with Amazon Books when they can get better deals with publishers, for example, simply by nature of being so huge? there's nothing you can do to compete aside from providing a higher quality service at a higher price, which means that you're aiming for a much smaller market

but yeah tl;dr the costs of starting a company can be fucking huge and you shouldn't completely ignore that in your argument against monopolies naturally existing, it's a key part of it. also, the government does a big part in helping out startup businesses also

#5 Re: Off Topic » 卐 Politics 卐 » 2017-05-08 23:16:07

Granger wrote:

Thats not neccesarily true. Look at the situation in America with Comcast as example.

Things stagnate and even make steps backwards as Comcast seeks out more ways to milk its customers who have to eat it or somehow have do without internet. Theres zero incentive for a company to offer better or even good service if theres no viable competitors... i think in some cases forced competition by the goverment (and anti trust laws) are good and even neccesary.

You could argue its more efficent at making money for the owner but otherwise i wont buy the efficency argument.

I think that's what he implied by saying that ethics/morals aren't a part of it.

Comcast is very efficient at funneling money away from the less-rich towards the rich, so to speak! Same goes for many big companies.

#6 Re: Off Topic » 卐 Politics 卐 » 2017-05-08 22:09:14

This video is BS for a variety of reasons! I'll explain them if you want.

But yeah, voter ID laws have been found to disproportionately target minorities in a way that influences voting even more than not having them in those places in America, which is why it's an issue for lawmakers. Voter fraud doesn't seem to be a big deal despite the laws being pretty stupid in the US compared to countries that have national IDs or other requirements for voting

#7 Re: Off Topic » 卐 Politics 卐 » 2017-05-07 20:53:01

A good day for France! Populist rhetoric wasn't strong enough.

#9 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-05-02 23:52:30

I really don't like that political quiz thing, I only got a few questions in before noticing how it was way too vague and could be interpreted to mean basically anything.

#10 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-04-30 22:21:32

Radical centrism is the worst phenomenon of modern politics

#11 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-04-22 10:55:36

Hika wrote:

Actually I have!!

They're super amazing. I prefer more fruty mixes however. Midori sour is my life

Oh damn, I'm jealous. I really wanna get Midori so I can try a "Japanese Slipper", Midori Sour sounds nice too though

#12 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-04-21 19:43:24

Hika wrote:

Oh man guys, I'm literally gonna die. I haven't had alcohol in two weeks.

What am I gonna do.
Well next weekend I'm actually legal to drink so yay

Try a White Russian at your next opportunity fam, they're really good

#13 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-04-20 20:20:24

I've been struggling to get weed for so long. All my co-workers' dealers have either disappered or are too out of the way for them to bother going to. Feels bad man

#14 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-04-20 07:36:54

oh my god blue stig that is a solid 10/10 thank you

Also yeah as for the trans stuff, I think one thing people misunderstand is the idea that we need to have an understanding of the root cause of psychological issues in order to treat them. Regardless of whether or not you think gender dysphoria is its own thing or just a symptom of other problems, the fact remains that people who are diagnosed as such can be treated quite well by allowing them to transition their bodies to the gender they feel comfortable with

also there is no way that the number is 12%, trans people are def less common than gay people so I imagine people just messed with that poll for fun or whatever? or maybe they asked it in a place that has lots more trans people than society overall, maybe it got brigaded, who knows

Aurelianus Augustus wrote:

If we're going to focus on "curing" or "accepting" such people, I'm really not surprised that today's world is going to shit. They've been there for thousands of years, and the more "acceptance" or on the other end, "therapies", we give them, the worse the situation will become. Society itself has to realise that they are no issue, nothing new and outrageous and certainly not worth writing articles about as if they were some nigh-extinct species that needs saving.

What do you mean by this? Giving trans people the treatment that they need hardly seems like a problem to me (?). Also, trans people still get a lot of discrimination- it's something you wouldn't see if you're not trans yourself or have close friends that are transgender though. Just like with gay rights/acceptance, it's an ongoing issue in the world where people are being treated badly just because of their gender or sexual identity, which shouldn't really happen in a civilised nation I feel

#15 Re: Off Topic » ITT: Pretend we are still writing in osu! OT » 2017-04-19 22:30:44

Also getting old! It's quite depressing! I mainly think about how little money I'm actually making in comparison to the fact that months of my life are going by. I guess that's what being an adult feels like, though.

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