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Brian OA
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Re: 2018 secret santa [signups]

I'm up for either or, really

I'll do my best either way.


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Re: 2018 secret santa [signups]


santa is officially whatever you can fit in an envelope santa. this can be interpreted in various ways, as most countries' postal systems allow for sending 'maxi letters' or 'oversized letters', which can fit all kinds of fun stuff inside there.
if I hear of anyone receiving a glitter bomb or animal poop or something else un-holiday-like, the person responsible for it is banned from future events, etc etc.
try to give at least something like 5€ of value - when in doubt, send (non-melting) candy.

link is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp … sp=sf_link it's probably open for around a week tops, after which I'll take everyone who signed up and throw them in the good old random number generator.



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